Jul 23, 2007

Holiday Debrief

Well I have finally arrived in Canada, which signifies the end of my travels around Europe. Back in NZ in a week to start my PhD. Aside from the photos which I have been taking and irregularly uploading I have;

  • Bought a Nokia n800 (watch for a conduit port soon)

  • Played with an iPhone (its the little things, attention to detail of all transitions between operations)

  • Watched Transformers (not bad)

  • Read (1984, Fahrenheit 911, The God Delusion)

  • Hacked on Conduit

  • Missed GUADEC (I hope the videos and slides will go up soon)

  • Updated to Gutsy (went smoothly)

Conduit Schmonduit

I released 0.3.2 last week or so. Aside from bug fixes we also added box.net support (sync evolution/files/tomboy notes/etc to/from/via box.net), and also added the ability to delete photos from the supported photo sites (Flickr, picasaweb, smugmug). This means that Conduit can now better keep your photos (in a folder, or in f-spot) in sync. This includes removing them when they are removed from the synchronized folder, or tagged/untagged in F-spot.

Most of the work is now happening in the better-mvc branch which will land soon. This is a general tidy up of the code base and a better split of the synchronization logic from the GUI. This will not only allow for improved good looks; but other improvements too.

Conduit Mockup Mock-up Credit: Karl Lattimer