Jun 7, 2007

Misc Updates


For all those that are interested I just released Conduit 0.3.1, the second development release in the series. The release includes a heap of bug fixes and some interesting new features including;

Goals for the next release include

  • Supporting box.net

  • Google notes support

  • 100% test coverage of the core sync engine

The thing that keeps me interested in conduit is the speed at which we are progressing. Each new dataprovider added has a benefit proportional to the number of already included dataproviders; for instance adding evolution support opened up the ability to do tomboy notes <--> evolution memos, as well as evolution memos <--> ipod notes, etc.

Gnome Link Drop

Here are some interesting things on the horizon that made me excited about GNOME and gtk. Delegated to people with more free time and ability than me!

Anyway, Im still on holiday, and loving it!