Nov 19, 2010

GTK+ Viewer for Microsoft Kinect

I'm hacking on the new Kinect at the moment and the OpenGL viewer didn't work for me so I threw together this terrible quality gtk+ one. I'll clean up the code and try to get this into OpenKinect ASAP.

GTK+ viewer for Microsoft Kinect

Jun 10, 2010

Map Updates

I recently made a number of improvements to osm-gps-map, the easy to use mapping widget. The motivation for these came at the request of the foxtrotGPS developers (foxtrotGPS is a community developed fork of TangoGPS). These changes enhanced the API for adding images and tracks to the map, and in addition allowed me to clean up the basic API making it easier to use for the common case. But, there is more, especially relevant to Gtk+/GNOME 3.0.

osm-gps-map demo application

Jan 22, 2010

Misc Hacking

I had two days off while I moved offices, so I got a chance to catch up on my backlog of random hacking.


I released osm-gps-map v0.5.0 which adds a few new features (such as keyboard navigation) but also contains many bugfixes and performance improvements. Check the release notes for more information. The next item on the TODO is merging the OSD/layers branch.


I released Conduit 0.3.17 which was long overdue. Mostly a bugfix release and updating to new API. The Conduit homepage has also moved to Progress on Conduit is a bit slow at the moment, it does everything I want it to (I have a budget cellphone so phone synce does not interest me), and is pretty stable. I have some SOC work I would like to merge, but basically I am looking for developers and inspiration...

PyGTK for Windows

I finished off the fixes to build correct PyGTK+ installers on windows, hopefully closing bug #589671. I uploaded new installers with the fixes people have reported. I expect these installers to become the 'final' installers at some point. Feedback welcome.

PyGTK Hacking

I wanted to play with the new client side windows work in Gtk+, so I ported the effects gtk-demo to Python. This required a bit of ctypes magic to access the new API (good), and some more ctypes magic to interact with new signals that appears to have unfriendly prototypes (not so good, bug filed here).

PyGTK example using client side windows

Jan 11, 2010

Gtk+ Map Widget

It has been a long time between blogs. I thought I should talk about the piece of software that has been responsible for the most emails in my inbox over the last few days - osm-gps-map, the Gtk+ based map widget. What started as a widget for use in one small application of mine has grown considerably.

  • I recently released 0.4.0, a bugfix release.

  • I created a mailing list, if you are a user or interested osm-gps-map, them please join.

But I thought I should take some time to highlight some of the most interesting users of osm-gps-map, particualry those users on the Maemo platform.

Maep, OSM2Go and GPXView (by Till Harbaum)

Maep Screenshot Maep



BrainStorm (by Adam Boggs)

  • BrainStorm is a storm chasing application that plots your track, and overlays current radar and severe warning imagery on the map.

Brainview eCoach

  • eCoach is an application for recording and managing sport activities with Nokia N900, it records heart rate data from various monitors, and plots your path on the map as you exercise.



  • With the help of these users, the future of osm-gps-map looks very positive.

  • I am currently working on merging Till's improvements to master to discourage people from copying osm-gps-map source into their application.

  • If you are a user of osm-gps-map and I have forgotten you then I am sorry. Please contact me and join the osm-gps-map mailing list.