Feb 5, 2010

Nautilus + Coverflow part two

After two complete rewrites following my initial experiments, the other gloobus developers (badchoice and kitkat) have continued to work on integrating this coverflow view into nautilus.

The implementation of the coverflow widget this time is a little more sane. It is passed a GtkTreeModel of GFiles, and basically does everything in isolation. The coupling to nautilus is quite loose, so the idea is that the widget can be reused easily by others.

The code is available from the linked blog post, or from github.

May 27, 2009

Playing With Clutter

Some of you out there might be familiar with Gloobus. Over the last few nights I spent some time integrating Gloobus inside nautilus.

This is a proof of concept. I have done very little so far - it shows the first 8 files in the directory, and allows you to navigate between them with animation. It is mostly just a port of Gloobus from C++ into a ClutterGroup derived Actor in C, most of the thanks should go to the Gloobus author.

It features the same bugs as Gloobus, like poor support for resizing the window, positioning bugs, and it does not scale to very many files. It also leaks like a sieve (that one's on me). Here is my inadequacy represented in video form.

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However, if you would still like to take a look and perhaps fix all the bugs, the steps for testing it are

  1. Install clutter-gtk-0.9

  2. Download nautilus from my Git repository (the clutter branch) https://github.com/nzjrs/nautilus/tree

  3. Build the test program cd src/file-manager make -f Makefile.covflow && ./test-covflow

  4. Built nautilus with --enable-clutter-view

  5. Run the newly build nautilus cd src ./nautilus -q ./nautilus --no-desktop

This is very early work so the standard disclaimers apply. I needed to get this off my chest so I could get back to PhD work.