Jan 23, 2009

Some More Software

As was the theme of yesterdays post, here comes some more software that I have hacked on recently and can now be found on Github.

osm-gps-map osm-gps-map is a Gtk+ widget (and Python bindings) that when given GPS co-ordinates, draws a GPS track, and points of interest on a moving map display. It Currently supports a number of different mapping sources;

  • openstreetmap (default)

  • openaerialmap

  • maps-for-free

  • satellite maps from a number of proprietary providers

It also has the following features

  • Intelligent caching of maps, including the ability to request a specific area of the map to be cached ahead of time

  • Recording of points of interest on the map (and the ability to add arbitary pixmaps at those points

  • Automatically draws a GPS track (a line showing the history of past added points)

  • Automatic centering on new GPS points

  • Support for multiple other tracks of co-ordinate points

  • Adjustable Zoom

  • Includes a comprehensive example

  • Simple, flat API

I have been running it on a number of embedded boards (beagleboard, Overo) for some commercial work I have been doing (hence the minimal dependencies). For those Planet GNOME readers, It is kind of like libchamplain but without the Clutter part.

facebook-notify Reaction to the posting of my Facebook notifier for GNOME was positive, and I made a few quick fixes to remove some crasher bugs.

The biggest source of frustration at this point is that libwebkitgtk segfaults, upon destroy, almost every time it encounters a page that requires the initialization of an NPAPI plugin. Disabling plugins using the built in BrowserSettings object does not seem to have any effect.

Is there a RoadMap or any plans for an updated WebKitGtk release before the next round of distro updates?

Conduit I have been hacking on Conduit a bit over the last few days, and thanks to Julien Lavergne we now have updated builds for Intrepid and Jaunty. Julien also packaged a trunk snapshot (and set up the infrastructure to allow easier updating of such snapshots). I recommend all users of Conduit add our PPA.