Apr 1, 2008

More Conduit GSOC Ideas

I see that Google has extended the SOC application deadline. Here are some Conduit related SOC ideas for GNOME.

  • Port Tomboy sync to use Conduit (and get free support for $WEBSERVICES) Use Conduits DBus interface and our C# bindings to said interface to be able to configure and initiate synchronization from Tomboy. This means that peer-to-peer Tomboy sync will get easier (no more ssh fuse), and that support for additional websites/mobile devices will become available.

  • Port F-Spot photo export to use Conduit With the exception of mentaloo gallery, we support most/all of what F-spot can export to. I can count a number of times where F-spot has hung/crashed during photo export. Using Conduit to do the sync will help prevent this, and ensure that if something untoward does happen, when you restart the sync duplicate photos will not be uploaded.

  • Mobile phone support

    • Integration with gnome-phone-manager for phone discovery and/or pim data Get/Set

    • Use of python-gammu for fetching PIM data, and photos from those devices that do not support obex-ftp

  • Gstreamer based media transcoding We currently call FFMPEG or mencoder via command line to convert/scale video and audio files. I would like to use gstreamer. A possible solution to this would be to create a gstremer transcoding utility (GUI and command line), or the use of the python gstreamer bindings from within Conduit. While I prefer the latter, the former would be a useful addition to the GNOME desktop.

  • Port cheese to use Conduit for photo and video site upload This would be based upon out glib dbus bindings.

  • More GNOME plugins using out DBus interface

    • (finish) Eog plugin for photo site upload

    • Add video upload to Youtube and Vimeo from Totem

    • Better nautilus integration. Removable volume support has improved in Conduit. It would be good to expose this from nautilus, although I am not sure the role this would take, for example

  • Support windows mobile devices. We have preliminary support for SyncCE, but this was never completed. There are capable python bindings to SyncCE, so it would take a hacker with a WM5/WM6 device to finish this.

  • Support palm pilots. Once again, not something I can work on as I do not have a device. There are some python bindings for getting data from Palm devices, and there is also the possibility of wrapping the GNOME pilot code to enable it to be used from Python.