Mar 13, 2008

Summer of Code

Work on Conduit is progressing nicely, squashing bugs that have appeared when interacting with the new versions of GNOME applications. I have kind of been tracking the GNOME release schedule (congratulations on the latest release BTW), so I expect to put out another Conduit release this week.

I intend to keep making stable bug fix releases until there are Python GIO bindings. At that time it would probably make sense to branch so that I can begin targeting 2.24, and have the opportunity to land some more invasive changes.

The current bugs that are being hacked on (i.e. have patches), depending on how the implementation turns out, may appear in $NEXT_STABLE_RELEASE, or in $FUTURE_RELEASE.

Summer of Code Projects I create this page on the GNOME wiki which includes some summer of code ideas for Conduit (and by extension, synchronization in the GNOME desktop).


  1. I am eligible, and will be applying to participate in summer of code this year.

  2. I wont be offended if people apply to do the same tasks that I am going to be proposing. The more the merrier!

  3. Im not sure how the whole mentoring regulations work. Can I mentor and be a student?, are there mentors in the GNOME community who would like to champion Conduit integration in their application?