Feb 14, 2008

Conduit 0.3.7: Many Small Updates

I just released Conduit 0.3.7. This was another regular release which contains the usual array of bug fixes and a few small new features and tidy ups. This was also the first release made automatically using maintainer. Aside from a few quirks, the tool worked amazingly well.

The next release will feature rewritten user documentation, more conflict UI improvements, and fix whatever bugs crop up in testing its compatibility with new GNOME. Highlights of this release are;

  • Update to use the newer Tomboy Set/GetNoteComplete API. This finally allows lossless sync of Tomboy notes including metadata such as tags and notebooks.

  • Update to the latest versions of our shipped static libraries

    • flickrapi (fixes many Flickr bugs)

    • pyfacebook

    • python-gdata (and use this for Picasa support)

    • libgmail (make emails work again)

  • The Eye of gnome plugin for uploading photos to multiple sites now shows status while synchronizing

  • Add one-way support for syncing Gmail contacts (with evolution, ipod, etc)

  • Add a 'developer' sub-menu to the help menu if the user is running a development version. This sub-menu contains items which link to the newly improved developer documentation. The linked pages are displayed in conduit's built in web browser.

  • Make the Conflict preferences per Conduit add descriptive icons to the preferences menu

Conduit 0.3.7: Many Small Updates

Update: I completely forgot. Thomas Van Machelen recently added C# bindings for our DBus API to SVN. If any of you enterprising Novell Hack Week hackers wants to play with them, I have some ideas (use Conduit to export photos from FSpot, use Conduit as the sync engine for Tomboy, for both synchronization of notes between two computers and/or export to ipod, box.net, etc). Please email me if you are interested. I know Conduit is ready, there are many examples of the Conduit DBus API in SVN.