Jan 26, 2008

Linux.conf.au Talk

Just a quick note to say that I'm giving a talk on Conduit at 9:20am Tuesday 29th of January at GNOME.conf.au. Come along if you are interested. I will be going through some demos showing the many ways you can use Conduit including;

  • As a multiple site photo uploader

  • To keep your Tomboy notes in sync

  • As a file/folder sync tool

  • Keep your GConf preferences in sync over multiple computers

  • Keeping two computers in sync over the local network

  • Sycing with removable devices like Nokia n800 and iPods

  • As a PIM sync tool supporting a number of online services

I will also be demonstrating how to write your own dataprovider, and hopefully I will have time to discuss more difficult issues such as

  • Furthur integration with GNOME (Roadmap to 2.24)

  • SynCE/Opensync/SyncML

  • Progress on the Maemo/Hildon port