Jan 19, 2008

Shape of things to come

I just committed the first version of a working GObject binding to the Conduit DBus API. You can check out an example test program here.

Contrived Example-like Code

   /* The running conduit app/daemon */
   ConduitGApplication *application = conduit_g_application_new ();

    /* Get two dataproviders, a datasource and datasink */
    ConduitGDataprovider *source = conduit_g_application_get_dataprovider(application, "TestSource");
    ConduitGDataprovider *sink = conduit_g_application_get_dataprovider(application, "TestSink");

    /* Put them in a conduit so we can sync them */
    ConduitGConduit *conduit = conduit_g_application_build_conduit(application,source,sink);
    g_signal_connect (conduit, "sync-progress", (GCallback) _sync_progress_cb, NULL);
    g_signal_connect (conduit, "sync-completed", (GCallback) _sync_completed_cb, NULL);
    g_signal_connect (conduit, "sync-conflict", (GCallback) _sync_conflict_cb, NULL);

    /* Add it to the GUI so the user can see it (optional) */
    ConduitGSyncset *gui_syncset = conduit_g_syncset_new(application, "/syncset/gui");
    conduit_g_syncset_add_conduit(gui_syncset, conduit);

    /* Perform the sync (boom!) */
    g_main_loop_run (mainloop);


  • A GObject binding to the Conduit DBus API means you can synchronize your application data, from within your application, in very few lines of code;

    • Your application is not going to crash

    • Your application is not going to hang or block the UI

    • The difficult sync logic for interfacing with various other places can be written in Python (faster, more productive, most web-services get python bindings first), live in the Conduit source tree, and immediately be available to all other applications which use Conduit to sync stuff.

  • In SVN NOW!

  • Hat-tip to Mikkel Kamstrup Erlandsen whose Xesam Glib bindings provided a useful starting point, and saved me much autotools pain.

  • Yes, the names are a bit long.Who has a better idea for the prefix, gcond_ perhaps?

  • Who wants to help me integrate this into;

    • Cheese

    • Evolution

    • GNOME Phone Manager