Jan 17, 2008

Conduit 0.3.6: I can has sleep please?

Quote courtesy of John Carr, who I had cook me up a patch at 1:30AM UK time. Ahhh the wonder of a 12h time difference.

I just released Conduit 0.3.6, a quick follow up to the last release. It fixes a number of bugs which were preventing some common sync scenarios.

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  • Bugs Fixed

    • Fix two-way Tomboy <--> folder sync

    • Fix two-way GConf <--> folder sync

    • Dont recreate the backpack API everytime we refresh

    • Fix Shutterfly to support image uploads and delete again (Jeremy Slater)

    • Fix attribution of Banshee dataprovider. It was contributed by Don Smith

    • Many fixes to image dataproviders

Always Up To Date Sync

OK I lied, there is one new feature..