Nov 10, 2007

Another n810 Post...

Thanks to the awesome work of Thomas Van Machelen, Conduit has the beginnings of a port to the hildon ui. Whats more impressive, is that unlike me (who owns a n800), Thomas has been doing all this in an emulator. So anyone who reads this, consider this an endorsement of Thomas request for a developer discount code!

Conduit on n800

Conduit on the n8xx is something I have been looking forward to for a while. The first and most tangible benefits will be giving n8xx users the ability to use Conduits photo sync facilities to upload pictures to all the webservices we support. Beyond this however, there is much more to offer;

  • PIM sync using the evolution-python bindings on both the host PC and the n8xx

  • File sync to the n8xx without having to plug it into USB and transfer things via the memory card. By using conduits built in network sync (over python XMLRPC), sync is as easy as letting the PC and n8xx be on the same network.