Sep 3, 2007

Expanding the Sync Space

No screenshots this time, but still good news. Conduit tries to be a good citizen, integrating itself with GNOME technologies. Recently the following hacking has been going on (not all items are complete)

  • A Eye Of Gnome plugin allowing photo upload/sync to Flickr, Picasa, SmugMug, Facebook (soon)

  • Gnome user documentation

  • Themable icons

  • Patches to improve FSpots DBus interface to allow two way syncs with photo sites

  • Continued work on OpenSync integration. We have limited support for arbitary opensync plugins!

  • Canola, n800, Rhythmbox and general music synchronization

There have also been some new contributions

  • Two way support for Flickr, Picasa and Smugmug. Now you can move your photos between sites (AKA move my data)

  • A youtube dataprovider (sync your fave videos each morning)

  • Google calendar support (sync evolution with google calendar, iPod, etc)

Anyway if you are looking to get involved with Conduit now is a great time. I have just updated the docs on how to write a dataprovider. Here are some ideas for dataproviders people may wish to write (hint hint)

There will be some new features landing in trunk soon that will allow arbitrary parameters during the conversion process, i.e. transcoding audio/video to another format, resizing photos, compressing files, etc. Watch this space, download conduit, and go tell people it rocks!