Aug 20, 2007

Autotools Bribe With Beer

I have a love-hate relationship with autotools. I love the thought of a parallel universe where it doesn't exist, and hate it with the fiery passion of 1000 suns the rest of the time. I just released Conduit 0.3.3 and have had some reports of some build errors. The recurring build error is basically something like

Running intltoolize… Running aclocal-1.4… aclocal: 18: macro `AM_PATH_PYTHON’ not found in library

The problem is, by some combination of luck and ignorance I have never been able to reproduce this or fix it (on Ubuntu). The additional confusion is that Conduit is python, so I understand even less of the interaction of autotools. I therefor have an offer;

I will happily pay the person who fixes the horrible autotools setup in Conduit a crisp $NZ50. This cool cash can be redeemed from me in person at, in cash or beer form, or I will buy the lucky person a piece of FOSS memorabilia (example) to that value.

That means fixing the above bug, deleting autofoo files that don't do anything, checking that the translation stuff is setup optimally and generally making it less shameful and easier to follow. The person will also receive additional love points if they implement a skeleton autotools setup for documentation and for themed application icons. Remember, I hate autotools this much...