Jun 12, 2007

Conduit Network Sync

Excuse the shameless quoting of fellow conduit contributor John Carr's blog post but this video is pretty cool;


Video showing how you can use Conduit to synchronise Evolution Contacts and Tomboy Notes between two machines running the GNOME desktop environment.

To start with, laptop 1 has 2 contacts and 1 tomboy note. Laptop 2 just has 1 tomboy note. After syncing, both will have 2 contacts and 2 notes. Not too exciting.. but then... (on laptop 2) 1 note and 1 contact are deleted. The remaining note and contact are modified as well. When the camera flips back to laptop 1 and the sync happens you will see the windows update in real time - including the an open tomboy note getting updated.

Apologies for the poor quality