May 30, 2007

Python Bindings for Evolution

In order to add evolution support (contacts, task items and memos) to Conduit I needed to be able to access the relevant parts of evolution-data-server from python. evolution-python is an incomplete wrapper around libebook and libecal. It has now got to the stage of being useful, so here is a somewhat nervous announcement of evolution-python v0.0.0

This should be considered a work in progress and will be changing a lot over the next few days as I implement methods needed for the two way synchronization of evolution data using Conduit. However the basic skeleton is there, and I invite people to help with the bindings. An easy way to access evolution-data-server from python has been missing for a while now so I hope evolution-python will be useful for others.

There are some known issues and items to work on listed on the project website. Here is a small screenshot of the included test application.