Nov 13, 2006

Collection of Thoughts

This wont be a particuarly coherant post, More a collection of links that I dont want to lose, and that others might find interesting. Also some updates on the foo that I am working on.

  • Is anyone offering odds on America going to war with Iran in the next 6 months?

One of the great things I like about free software is that there is always something exciting around the corner. Sometimes it just takes way to much procrastinating to find out about it. Here are a few things that I am looking forward to in the next 6 months;

  • Xorg 7.2 with RandR - Should make managing multiple monitors painless.

  • i810 Modesetting branch. Thanks intel for your rocking OSS drivers.

  • Simple way to theme colours in GNOME.

  • Some new GNOME infrastructure;

  • Glade-3.1 (single window mode) - Rocks!

  • Nemiver is awesome, and i'm using it daily.

  • I want to play with pigment, I particuarly like the idea of having a built in animation framework, making it easy to create fluid user interfaces; like

    • Photosynth (made by microsoft - credit where credit is due).

    • Canola - WOW thats running on a 770!

    • Aerith - Eeeww thats java (but hot)

  • I have been running Tracker for a long time, and can recommend it to everyone. I would love to see this go into GNOME along with a bung of helper Gtk widgets to make tagging a first class citizen on the GNOME desktop.

  • After the terribly shortsighted Beryl fork its good to see Compiz get a community website. I wish I had a dual screen graphics card to test all the multihead support stuff that DavidR has just added to compiz.

I have also been super busy of late. I have been working hard on Albatross, interfacing with flightgear ad JSBSim, and learning about Eigenstate assignement for controller design. It looks like my next task is to clean up the AVL stuff and start running some code through Matlab to test these theories.

Finally I am back working on Conduit, and it looks like its the right time for stuff to come together.

  • Rewrote the TreeModel stuff to support adding things at run time which is important because....

  • OpenSync just released 0.20 with better python bindings, so I can start to play with cellphones!

  • I added service discovery of other conduit instances using avahi. This will eventually allow things to be synchronized with remote computers directly and transparently over the local network.

  • Started to add ipod support. When an ipod is plugged in new datasinks should become available which will allow you to synchronize your ipod notes and contacts (and possibly photos thanks to GPixPod)

Anyway, thats all for now. Talk to you later or see you at