About Me


Hey, I'm a Postdoc, working in collaboration with Strawlab and TU Wien. We study the visual flight control behaviour of freely flying Drosophila using panoramic virtual reality.

I am currently living in Vienna, Austria.

Contact Details:

I grew up on a dairy farm in a small town called Te Aroha. I have one sister, also a graduate of the University of Canterbury. My Undergraduate degree was in Electrical Engineering. I then completed a Masters in Engineering management, looking at commercializing and monetization of Open Source projects, including open source hardware designs.

My PhD research was in conjunction with Geospatial Research Centre and my PhD topic was "Bilogically Inspired Visual Control of Flying Robots". This was investigating biologically inspired vision systems for the control and navigation of unmanned aerial vehicles - typically quadrotor helicopters. During my PhD I was lucky to spend time working at ENAC and ETH, also on quadrotor helicopters.

In my spare time I like to play sport, hack on random bits of electronics, contribute to open source projects and generally try not to procrastinate too much.